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About Comment Templates:


  • Individualized comments are critical, so please personalize content to the extent you can. A few prompts are included in each template.


  • Template letters only address a few of the many reasons the Proposed Rule should be withdrawn; we encourage you to discuss additional problems with the Proposed Rule.


  • Your letter will be more impactful if you also talk about why disparate impact is important in your community and to your life and work.

"Office Hours" PowerPoint Slides

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Talking points and tips for Commenters

HUD proposed rule

Inclusive Communities Decision (2015)

public statements

Western Center on Law & Poverty, Statement on Trump Administration's Proposed Rule Change for Fair Housing (August 19, 2019)

"The proposed rule assumes racism and discrimination are things of the past, and that all that we need to do now is passively denounce overt racism. That fantasy ignores the reality of discrimination in the contemporary United States, particularly within the housing market." - Western Center on Law & Poverty

Commenting party Toolkit

Tips for holding your own commenting party to #FightForHousingJustice

additional resources about disparate impact